Boya Tones 3 @ Bazaar


Boya Entertainment invite Dark Sky & 2562 for the Antilux « sleeping below the cloud » release!

Dear Family,

After a short winter break we’re back in full force! While everyone was celebrating Christmas and New Year, we locked ourselves up to prepare one of our biggest parties so far. For this BOYA TONES 3 we decided to go deep and heavy on the bass with some national and international top artists.

First of all, we’re very proud to announce that this party will be a double official release party: Our boy Antilux will present his EP  »Sleeping Below The Cloud » and UK bass wunderkinds Dark Sky chose this event to celebrate the launch of their brand new  »Black Rainbow EP ».
As a cherry on the cake, 2562 will perform his first live set in Belgium. If you don’t know this Dutch fella, you better check out his album   »Fever », which is seen by many as one of the most innovative bass music records of the last few years. As usual our Boya Entertainment artists will make you sweat all night long and last but not least we’ve invited a local heroes:  the mighty Elephant Power will make you go crazy with his turntable skills




ENTRANCE 10€ – Starts 22 pm
Le Bazaar / 63 rue des capucins, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
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